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Two Tips for People Who Need to Shop for Presents for Their Long-Distance Partner

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If you are currently in a long-distance relationship and want to shop for some presents for your partner, here are a few tips that should help you to pick the perfect items.

Be careful about your choice of flowers

Buying the person you love a bunch of sweet-scented, pretty flowers is a great way to convey your love for them. However, if your loved one is living or working hundreds (or perhaps even thousands) of miles away and you're not due to meet them in person for a long time, then it might be best to buy them a box of preserved roses rather than a fresh bouquet.

A bouquet of fresh flowers won't last more than a week or two. After this period, the flowers will wither and the stems will droop, and your partner will have to throw the bouquet out.

Conversely, preserved roses boxes can last indefinitely. As such, if you buy a box of these flowers and send them to your lover, these roses will serve as a permanent reminder of your love for them and may even help to comfort and console them during periods when the two of you are unable to see each other for long stretches and they are feeling very lonely.

Buy an item that will solidify a specific date on which you will get to see each other

When shopping for gifts for your long-distance loved one, it's best to select things that will act as confirmation of an exact date on which you will get to spend time with each other in person.

One of the hardest parts of a long-distance relationship is that you don't always know for certain when you will next meet up. This uncertainty can be distressing and make the loneliness you feel in the absence of your loved one all the more palpable.

However, if you buy something that is a physical reminder of when you next see one another, this can ease the pangs of loneliness that you and your partner may be currently experiencing. It will also give the two of you an event or experience to look forward to so that you don't feel quite as tempted to wallow in your sadness.

There are several types of gifts that might be suitable in this situation; a reservation at a high-end restaurant (you could send them a print-out of the reservation confirmation along with the aforementioned roses) might be appropriate, or alternatively, you may want to buy them a pair of tickets to a comedy club, an outdoor cinema screening of their favourite film or an exhibition of their favourite artist's work.


1 April 2019