Shopping in a Rush: Quick Shopping Tips

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Single-lens Reflex Camera: 4 Reasons Your Rechargeable Battery Keeps Running Out


Is your camera's battery running out faster than it should? Well, that does not necessarily mean that the camera's rechargeable battery is not a good one. Instead, it may be something that you are or aren't doing that is costing your battery's life. Often, the battery's packaging can tell you how long you should expect to use the camera when it is running or in standby mode. If the battery drastically falls short of these expectations, it may be because of the following things that you need to take note of:

Are You Zooming In Frequently?

Every time that you zoom in on an object or person that you are photographing, you work the camera's motor used to move the lens. Each turn the motor makes uses up a significant amount of power to move the lens. Therefore, you should only zoom in if you cannot get very close to what you are taking a picture of. In other cases, try moving closer instead of quickly reaching out for the zoom button. This will maximise your battery life besides working well for the quality of your pictures.

Are You Taking Advantage of the Power Saving Mode?

After you have taken your photos, you might leave the camera on accidentally. This means that the camera uses power to keep its applications running. Instead of leaving the camera on for long periods, its battery can benefit from the power saving mode to reduce the power consumption. The power saving mode enables the camera to shut down after a certain period of inactivity to stop the unnecessary consumption of power.  

Are You Aware of the Imaging Features that You Want?

Manufacturers use different features to improve your photographing experience. However, you do not need all of them at the same time. To avoid this, you should examine your camera and look out for those features you are interested in beforehand. In addition, you should also check the caption and graphical overlays that you can achieve using an image processing software application. This will help you make use of specific imaging features that you want instead of trying out random features when taking photographs.

Are You Using the LCD Screen Correctly?

The LCD screen on the camera should be used to view photographs after taking them. The image quality that comes with an LCD screen requires a lot of battery power. Preferably, you should not use the LCD screen to set up the shots you want to take. Instead, go for the power-friendly viewfinder to maximise your battery's endurance.


18 May 2016