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4 beautiful pieces of diamond jewellery you can gift for diamond anniversaries


If you have a big anniversary coming up, you might be looking around for a way to show your spouse how much you love them. Here are a few options to consider. 

Engagement ring upgrades

If you got married when you were young and broke, you may have purchased a very small engagement ring. While the ring might have some sentimental value, it can also be nice to surprise your wife with the blinding rock you'd give to her if you got married now. For extra credit, head to a designer and get a ring that fits perfectly around her current wedding jewellery, so that she can continue to wear then as a wedding set. If her engagement ring is a little snug these days, it might also be a good chance to get all of her rings resized.

Some diamond earrings

Your wife may already have some beautiful everyday jewellery, but you can never have too many pairs of diamond earrings. It can be lovely to get a large pair of diamond studs for everyday wear or a statement pair of diamond earrings for evening wear. Try looking at pictures of her favourite celebrity on the red carpet to get an idea of some great jewellery that she might like to wear or quizzing her best friend on the types of jewellery that she might really like. 

A tennis bracelet

Nothing says that you've made it like a tennis bracelet. They are a classic staple piece of jewellery that can be worn day to day or to a black tie event. The jewellery consists of a chain of same sized stones in a simple bracelet configuration. Try and get a measurement of your wife's wrist so you can get a bracelet that drapes just right. 

A diamond pendant

A diamond pendant can be another classic gift. You can either go with a simple solitaire or use this as a chance to incorporate stones from other jewellery - such as a single earring whose pair has been lost over the years. It can make a real statement piece of jewellery.  

If you are looking to treat your wife for all of the years of marriage you have shared leading up to your diamond anniversary, a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery can be a great idea. For more ideas or help designing the perfect piece for your wife, visit local diamond jewellers


28 April 2016