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Ensuring Point Of Sale System Security

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A few years back, point of sale systems were a feature only found in big, multi-lateral businesses. Today, these systems are integral for every type and scale of business. This rise in need of these systems has seen a parallel rise in electronic crime. Every business purchasing point of sale software, hardware and point of sale systems in general, must consider security. Security, in this case, does not simply imply the business' need for securing their product and money. It involves the customers as well. Today's POS have many platforms that allow customers to upload their personal data. Such platforms include online carts, online shops and e-payment services. It is this data that many hackers target and not necessarily the business. To ensure your customers' data and privacy on point of sale systems is upheld, the following measures should be taken.

Isolate the system

It is important to try keeping point of sale systems completely separated from other technology in the business. Point of sale equipment operates on a standard simple operating system. If such a system was connected to a channel such as a browser, or a patch system, these could become malware delivery channels. It is hard to isolate POS systems since most businesses prefer them connected to other networks. To keep customer payment data flows separate, you should try having payment services processed separately and the necessary data manually entered in the POS after the transaction.

Update and maintain your software

Hackers are constantly finding new techniques of breaching different technology forts. This is why constant updates are necessary for these systems.  Outdated systems are always at risk. When, for instance, purchasing credit card processing machinery, it is important to ask about the maintenance schedule offered by your service provider. Also have anti-malware and antivirus software regularly updated.

It would surprise you that many businesses that subscribe to some form of firewall protection services do not change their default login and password. Change these at the instant of purchase and also try to regularly change them when in use.

Encryption services

There are many encryption services available for point of sale systems. Encryption simply means changing data into unreadable formats until it is decrypted at another end with a decryption key. When buying POS systems, it is good to confirm the available encryption services compatible with your system. Also, confirm whether you will be required to pay for these encryption services separately. A good form of POS system encryption is the end-to-end encryption. This method encrypts customer payment data even before it gets to the POS. 


26 October 2015